The past decade has been highlighted by numerous advances in research of medical scientific knowledge, medical technology and the biological and diagnostic techniques-but somewhat less dramatic changes or improvement in management of medical conditions. This volume in the Emerging Infectious Disease of the 21st century series, addresses some of the emerging issues and controversies in Infectious Diseases. The author has chosen these topics for review based on questions and contentions raised by medical residents, internists, emergency physicians, clinical infectious disease specialists and family physicians. This volume will provide guidance and answers to frequently asked questions in infectious diseases to the researcher, clinician, generalists, specialists and trainees in these areas; thus, facilitating improved patient care, prudent and cost effective management and investigation of these disorders. This volume reviews the research, diagnosis, and treatment of some common infections facing researchers, clinicians and family physicians such as sinusitis, otitis media and asymptomatic bacteriuria. Recent studies and surveys have shown that these conditions are often over diagnosed and treated unnecessarily with antibiotics. The approach and guidelines for diagnosis and management are reviewed in this volume. Other more complicated but less common conditions challenging internists, clinical infectious disease consultants and other specialists are also reviewed (i.e. meningitis, ventilator associated pneumonia, sepsis, hepatitis C, B etc.)

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