New Carbon Based Materials for Electrochemical Energy Storage Systems: Batteries, Supercapacitors and Fuel Cells


The energy storage systems covered during the meeting included: metal air primary and rechargeable batteries, supercapacitors, fuel cells and lithium-ion batteries. The latest developments on the manufacture of graphites, carbons, and nano-materials and their outlook for use in power sources were also presented. The use of stable conducting polymers and expanded graphite in the cathode of zinc-air batteries was introduced. The role that new forms of carbons play in aqueous asymmetric capacitors was highlighted. The enhancement of cathode performance through the optimization of the carbon in the positive electrode and the use of metal-carbon composites as active materials in lithium-ion batteries were discussed. Also reviewed were recent developments in the use of hard carbons and surface treated graphites as electrode materials. Updates were also provided on the use of lithium-ion batteries for hybrid electric vehicles and power tools.

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