This book presents an overview of recent developments in biostatistics and bioinformatics. Written by active researchers in these emerging areas, it is intended to give graduate students and new researchers an idea of where the frontiers of biostatistics and bioinformatics are as well as a forum to learn common techniques in use, so that they can advance the fields via developing new techniques and new results. Extensive references are provided so that researchers can follow the threads to learn more comprehensively what the literature is and to conduct their own research. In particulars, the book covers three important and rapidly advancing topics in biostatistics: analysis of survival and longitudinal data, statistical methods for epidemiology, and bioinformatics.Sample Chapter(s)Chapter 1: Non- and Semi- Parametric Modeling in Survival Analysis (1,283 KB)Contents: Analysis of Survival and Longitudinal Data:Nonparametric and Semiparametric Modeling in Survival Analysis (J Fan & J Jiang)Additive-Accelerated Rate Model for Recurrent Event (G Zeng & J Cai)Modeling and Analysis of Spatially Correlated Data (Y Li)Statistical Methods for Epidemiology:Study Designs for Biomarker-based Treatment Selection (A Laird & X-H Zhou)Statistical Methods for Analyzing Two-Phase Studies (J Chen)Bioinformatics:Protein Interaction Predictions from Diverse Sources (Y Liu et al.)Analysis of Cancer Genome Alterations Using Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) Microarrays (C Li & S Amin)Analysis of ChIP-Chip Data on Genome Tiling Microarrays (W E Johnson et al.)and other papersReadership: Graduate students in statistics and biostatistics; researchers in biomedical studies.

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