Next Generation Transport Networks: Data, Management, and Control Planes provides a tutorial and reference information for next generation telecommunication network technologies. This insightful and accessible overview includes key technologies that comprise the backbone of the networking infrastructure, such as access, metro and long-haul segments. Written by industry veterans, this work uniquely balances and blends three key perspectives on high-speed networks fundamental to understanding transport mechanisms for potential implementation: the data, management, and control planes. Readers will readily learn how transport networks function, how they are used, how layers are managed, and how standards guide developing technologies. Included in this volume: Industry standards from the ITU-T (G- and M-series), ANSI/ATIS, and IEEE Future data plane trends in terms of mapping Ethernet frames/streams or IP packets into PoS and GFP for WAN transport; virtual concatenation with LCAS of SONET, DS1/DS3/E1/E3, and OTN signals; optical transport including G.709 OTN; and MAN/WAN data access through IEEE 802.17 RPR Switching: High speed circuit and packet switching using multi-stage Clos as well as multi-dimensional distributed switching approaches Control Plane SS7, ATM PNNI, Automatic Switched Optical/Transport Network Architecture (G.ASON/G.ASTN) and protocols for routing and signaling- GMPLS,RSVP-TE, OSPF-TE Transport Network architectures for access, metro and long-haul segments Self-healing: perspectives on protection and restoration across ring and mesh topologies; discussion of new and emerging approaches for restoration such as p-cycle, SBPP, PWCE Transport Network Management TMN layers, transport network management requirements, technologies SNMP, SOAP/XML, TL1, and OSMINE The depth and breadth ofcoverage coupled with carefully chosen illustration, e.g. of the complex-frame formats, and summary tables for quick reference, make Next Generation Transport Networks: Data, Management, and Control Planes valuable for telecommunications professionals as well as a handy reference for network researchers.

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