Students and others interested in nineteenth century drama have long been handicapped by the lack of a convenient selection of outstanding plays of the period. The present volume is the first to fill the gap. It contains: Black Ey'd Susan, by Douglas Jerold, Money, by Edward Bulwer Lytton, Masks and Faces, by Charles Reade and Tom Taylor, The Colleen Bawn, by Dion Boucicault, Lady Audley's Secret, by Miss Braddon and C.H. Hazlewood, The Ticket-of-Leave Man, by Tom Taylor, Caste, by T.W. Robertson, Two Roses, by James Albery, The Bells, by Leopold Lewis and A pair of Spectacles, by Sidney Grundy. Where no authentic published version existed, the text has been established in this edition by a collation of several variant texts, including the manuscript copies lodged for licensing purposes in the Lord Chamberlain's Department. The aim has been to provide a book useful and attractive to play-readers, producers, and performers, as well as to those studying the theatre history and dramatic...

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