A collection of five erotic stories with a central theme of sex in foreign places.No Running, No Petting by Janine AshblessLena and Vittor work in a hotel in Malta, but they can't focus on clearing tables and making beds, when what they're really both interested in is the male guests. The two of them hunt together, the perfect pair. And when they spot Rolf, a Swedish silver fox, the scene is set for a threesome and some very naughty poolside fun.Comrades On A Train by Z FergusonTwo guys visiting Mother Russia are livingashared childhood dream, travelling the USSR bytrain. There's Nick, the one with the Russian penpals, and his close friend, Donny. They'reonatraintoafarmhouse. Donny watches the comings and goings of the various passengers, but one blonde passenger catches his eye. She smiles back. Her kids go exploring, Nick goes for sodas, and Donny goes for it.Lucky Lucy by Jenna BrightFreshly dumped by the man she grew up with,Lucyis not in the mood for a wedding. But for her best friend, and a sun filled weekend at a luxurious Tuscan villa, shes willing to put on a bridesmaids dress and suffer through.But when she discovers that an old friend, and the best sex she ever had, isattending too,Lucystarts to wonder if there isnt still a trace of the oldLucyLuckyLucy ready to step out into the sun again.New Orleans When It Rains by Maxim JakubowskiA man who travels regularly to New Orleans in search of lust and sex is struck by the vision of a beautiful stripper in a shady club deep in the French Quarter. A passionate night with her ends in the most unusual manner when they are caught unaware in the tropical rain."Gulliver on LillipussiaLawrence S. Gulliver brings new dimensions to the title Able Seaman when hes washed ashore on the undiscovered island of Lillipussia, populated exclusively by women.But is it a dream come true or a nightmare of frustration?For this treasure-trove of more-than-willing native beauties, being on the diminutive side, arent accessible to satisfaction by any of the means Gulliver is familiar with. Though the little women have a trick or two up their collective sleeve to keep themselves and their unwitting captive happy.These stories have also been published in Foreign Affairs - 9781908086587

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