A leading Harvard Medical School doctor introduces his innovative exercise plan that helps you lose weight through your day-to-day activities Media coverage of health and fitness is at an all-time high. Everyone wants to be fit and healthy but not everyone has the time, energy, or motivation to hit the gym or do laps around the track. "Light" exercise has been recommended by doctors for years, but no one knew how much was enough to make a difference. The No Sweat Exercise Plan offers you a unique point system for tracking how much exercise you are really doing, and giving you a goal to achieve each week. The book features the No Sweat Exercise Pyramids, a set of practical, visual guides that shows the types and amounts of exercise required for good health. An easy-to-follow point system assigns points to such activities as gardening, housework, climbing stairs, and walking. You simply set goals based on their personal needs, then calculate how many points you need to get--and stay--fit.

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