Everything you need to know about child custody and support. Whether you and your spouse agree on custody questions or you're fighting it out in court, you need solid information to help you deal with the child-focused parts of your divorce. Nolo's Essential Guide to Child Custody & Divorce offers guidance and resources at every step, from choosing a custody plan to enforcing its support. Learn everything you need to know about:types of custody and factors used in custody decisionshow child support is determined and the role that state agencies playsteps to take in the first month of divorce, including figuring out who stays and who goes steps to take during the second month, including negotiating custody and support with the spousehiring and working with a lawyer or gathering resources for self-representationcustody trial court procedures and how to talk to the kids about the trial enforcing a custody order if a parent moves how to change custodyThe book covers special situations such as military parents and custody, and also addresses high tension issues, such as parental kidnapping and when it might be appropriate for you to have your kids testify or talk to the judge. Charts provide state custody criteria and help you calculate child support yourself, and sample documents illustrate how to deal with document preparation for a "show cause" hearing on custody and support.

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