This comprehensive volume of articles from the seventh school on non-accelerator astroparticle physics presents a timely coverage of this interesting and rapidly expanding subject. The contributions enlarge and complement the earlier volumes prepared for the fourth, fifth and sixth schools. An informative, pedagogical approach has been maintained so that the book can serve as the basis for a modern course on the subject.The first section introduces the fundamentals of particle physics with a review of the standard model and beyond. The comprehensive section on neutrino physics and astrophysics covers neutrino masses and oscillations, short and long baseline neutrino experiments, atmospheric and solar neutrinos, and neutrino telescopes. The section on dark matter includes a theoretical presentation and a review of existing and potential dark matter searches. Searches for axions, magnetic monopoles, and nuclearites are also discussed. Cosmic rays and astrophysics are covered with reviews on experiments in space, extreme energy cosmic rays, and photons and antimatter in space. The theory of gravitational waves and searches for gravitational waves are considered. A section deals with the LEP legacy and future accelerators and superbeams. Large scale facilities, detectors, data acquisition and large scale computing are reviewed. The volume concludes with an in-depth look at the impact of science on the world with essays looking back on the past century of scientific progress and its effects on society.

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