With increasingly low-cost and power-efficient RF electronics demanded by today's wireless communication systems, it is essential to keep up to speed with new developments. This book presents key advances in the field that you need to know about and emerging patterns in large-signal measurement techniques, modeling and nonlinear circuit design theory supported by practical examples. Topics covered include: Novel large-signal measurement techniques that have become available with the introduction of nonlinear vector network analyzers (NVNA), such as the LSNA, PNA-X and SWAP Direct extraction of device models from large-signal RF dynamic loadlines Characterization of memory effects (self-heating, traps) with pulsed RF measurements Interactive design of power-efficient amplifiers (PA) and oscillators using ultra-fast multi-harmonic active load-pull Volterra and poly-harmonic distortion (X-parameters) behavioral modeling Oscillator phase noise theory Balancing, modeling and poly-harmonic linearization of broadband RFIC modulators Development of a frequency selective predistorter to linearize PAs

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