Canada is known for its wild and diverse physical geography. But do Canadians have a spiritual geography- an identity uniquely shaped by their land, their history, their people? This first-of-its-kind collection brings together writings from within the Christian heritage to help Canadians explore that question.The forty-six contributors include award-winning literary figures, religious and political leaders, and social activists from one end of Canada to the other. Their traditions range from evangelical to Catholic, mainline Protestant to Orthodox, Pentecostal to Mennonite. Some still have family connections beyond Canada's borders; others have ancestors who were her long before Europeans came.These writers do not analyze, define, or argue about Christianity in Canada. They simply showcase it through their memoir or poetry, fiction or meditation -mapping into words something of what it means to be Christian in this country.The spiritual landscape they paint is diverse, inspiring, and provocative. It's a colourful dance of words, a wonderful Canadian celebration.

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