'He was always a great actor and talker. Words loved him. Now he's a great writer.' Bono 'Nothing to Say is about childhood - the most difficult of all stories to tell. Few writers attempt it and those who do usually fail. But this novel about a ten-year-old boy is a success, a thrilling evocation of boyhood, it makes you feel what it is like to be a child. It is amazing what - with apparent absolute simplicity - Mannix Flynn packs into every page: suspense, comedy, terror, pit, rage, innocence, lyricism, adventure, dream, accident.' - Paul Durcan 'If I had the money I would try to get the film rights to this book ... a lot of the images are disturbing, but there is not a word of self-pity here and there are times when the language tumbles hilariously. I believe one is meant to conclude "a good review" by saying how hard it was to put a book down. There were many times when I had to stop reading this one.' - Donal McCann GERARD MANNIX FLYNN has worked in the arts for almost thirty years. As well as writing the play James X, he has also worked extensively in the performing arts both on stage and in film. He is a member of Aosdana. The original version of Nothing to Say was translated into German and published by Sachon in 1989.

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