The Trident Three are three middle-aged women who, on a quiet June morning in 1999, disarmed the British Trident Thermonuclear Submarine Fleet. Their subsequent arrest and trial were watched around the world by politicians and campaigners of all persuasions. In 1996 these women helped achieve the landmark World Court Judgement, which held that under international humanitarian law, the use of nuclear weapons is illegal. The British government ignored the judgement, and this led to the act which landed the Trident Three back in court and in the international news spotlight. The peace campaigners who had undertaken this direct action - Angie Zelter from England, Ellen Moxley from San Francisco, Ulla Roder from Denmark - called in expert witnesses from international organisations, including NATO and the UN to support their defence. What emerges is an extraordinary story with the most wide-ranging implications of any act of disarmament since the formation of the anti-nuclear movement. This book is written by the man closest to The Trident Three - their lawyer. Using the highest laws in the world - the Nuremberg Principles and the reasoning handed down by the World Court - John Mayer's argument persuaded independent judiciary that nuclear weapons is outside the law.

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