This is a unique monograph on numerical conformal mapping that gives a comprehensive account of the theoretical, computational and application aspects of the problems of determining conformal modules of quadrilaterals and of mapping conformally onto a rectangle. It contains a detailed study of the theory and application of a domain decomposition method for computing the modules and associated conformal mappings of elongated quadrilaterals, of the type that occur in engineering applications.The reader will find a highly useful and up-to-date survey of available numerical methods and associated computer software for conformal mapping. The book also highlights the crucial role that function theory plays in the development of numerical conformal mapping methods, and illustrates the theoretical insight that can be gained from the results of numerical experiments.This is a valuable resource for mathematicians, who are interested in numerical conformal mapping and wish to study some of the recent developments in the subject, and for engineers and scientists who use, or would like to use, conformal transformations and wish to find out more about the capabilities of modern numerical conformal mapping.

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