Book DescriptionThis second edition of Obesity, Diabetes & How To Eat To Live: Transcending the Dietary Dark Ages, positions the obesity and diabetes pandemics in the context of a global disintegration of civilization, a dark age. Commercial interests (a.k.a. merchants of death), with ferocity, enact scheme-after-scheme and ploy-after-ploy to keep the population unhealthy. This has made "obesity" a foremost profit center wherein toxic pills, potions, brutal surgical procedures, and bogus diet plans ? touted as solutions for this health crisis ? generate billions of dollars, annually, for the merchants of death. Through it all, no one is ever healed and obesity remains a worldwide pandemic. In fact, health researchers expect this crisis to worsen in many decades to come. No doubt, something is terribly wrong. We are being deceived. Our lives and wealth are being milked for "no good reasons". This book describes the pathologies of obesity and diabetes, and the...

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