Praise for The New CFO Financial Leadership Manual, Third Edition"This book is an excellent guide for the new CFOs of the world. Seasoned professionals will find it to be an extremely useful reference tool."David Zatlukal, Treasurer, J.H. Whitney Capital Partners, LLC"The Third Edition offers a comprehensive guide for the new, as well as the incumbent, CFO to successfully perform the vital role of financially informed business partner to the CEO and other management team members. This important manual discusses an encyclopedic collection of critical topics and issues, and supplies tools useful in approaching each. An essential item for the CFO bookshelf."Barrett Peterson, CPA, Manager of Accounting Standards, Procedures, and Analysis, TTX CompanyFind out how you can make crucial decisions in your role as CFO, especially in today's increasingly competitive, fast-paced, and volatile environmentThe New CFO Financial Leadership Manual, Third Edition is essential reading for the CFO needing an overview of strategies, measurement and control systems, financial analysis tools, funding sources, and management improvement tips.Filled with pragmatic insights, proactive strategies, and best practices, The New CFO Financial Leadership Manual, Third Edition is destined to become the desktop companion you employ to improve efficiency, mitigate risks, and keep your organization competitive.

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