When freelance journalist Jayne Beattie gets her latest assignment she just can't turn it down. It is a private commission inviting her to dig into the personal life of one of the world's richest men. But to uncover the mystery past about this war hero and media magnate, Jayne must travel deep into a dirty modern world - where the rich and powerful indulge an insatiable hunger for kinky sex. For them knowledge is control. And to control them Jayne must first submit - and become their plaything. Her assignment takes her on a journey around Europe in a tale of international intrigue. But she also embarks on another odyssey - one to the depths of lust. And it is this nerve-tingling erotic journey of her body and mind that changes her forever. Because in desire and humiliation she discovers her true self. Eddy Vale's first novel combines the plot of a heart-racing, contemporary thriller, with lashings of spicy, exotic, taboo-busting sex.

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