Of Life and Love: Eight Moral Tales is a collection of short stories written within the African tradition of storytelling. As the subtitle suggests, all eight tales have a strong moralistic twist, and a range of settings. Written to offer insight into how life's choices are influenced by life experience, and to show a range of different perspectives on moral issues, this collection is also a refreshing take on the short story genre. Author Freddy Fynn was born in Ghana, West Africa. Growing up in a community of storytellers had a big impact upon him and has helped him to create his unique writing voice. The eight tales contained within this collection are all influenced by African themes and a touch of Christian ideology. The collection includes tales such as: A King's Lullaby - in a small African village, a wise King's sayings are chronicled. In the Tenderness of Love a housewife must choose forgiveness or divorce after discovering her husband's infidelity.

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