Travelling to New York City to speak honoring firemen and policemen, Cotter Huxtable meets Heidi Macomber, a newpaper reporter assigned to interview him. He tells her "Our country has flaws needing to be put to bright light." After she says that also the President will speak, it is brought to the reader's attention that Cotter has called the President an extremist of religion and oil. At Columbia University, as the President speaks, a Palistinean declares that he lost a house and a son to Israeli occupation. The man leaps onto the stage, gun in hand. The man is Issam, and Cotter met him at a Palistinean-owned restaurant. A photo shows Cotter with arm on Issam's shoulder. What happens next makes Cotter a hero...also, a "person of interest" to his country and its enemies. This story occurs as leadership seems enslaved to power and wealth...and to blind certainties of religious extremism.

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