The recent escalation in the violent conflict in the Niger Delta has brought the region to the forefront of international energy and security concerns. Oil and Insurgency in the Niger Delta analyses the dynamics of the violence, focusing on the ways in which oil and Nigerian politics have morphed poorly coordinated, non-violent protests into a pan-Delta insurgency. Approaching the issue from a number of perspectives, the book offers the most up-to-date and comprehensive analysis available of the varied dimensions of the conflict. Combining empirically based and analytic chapters, it attempts to explain the causes of the escalation in violence, the various actors involved, the policy challenges facing conflict resolution, and the options for peace. It also examines the role of oil as a commodity of global strategic significance, and the impact of the complex interplay between transnational, state and local actors on power relations, security and development in an oil-rich, but impoverished, region.

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