As a woodworker looking for new ways to work with your tools, versatility and efficiency can easily be learned from the past. Author Chris Gleason recently discovered a periodical known as the Deltagram that was published during the 1930's and 1940's. It contained tons of jig and fixture ideas that showed woodworkers how to pump up the capabilities of their power tools. These ideas are still as useful and clever today as they were then. Chris has collected 24 of the best shop jigs and fixtures from these Deltagrams and reproduced and updated them for use in today's woodworking shops. The Deltagrams are almost as valuable for their historic interest as their shop applications. As an added bonus, this book includes 40 reproductions of the original Deltagram articles. Projects include: Spiral Turning on the Table Saw Table Saw Jig for Cutting Wedges & Short Tapers Shop-made Pocket Hole Jig Curved Forms for the Stationary Belt Sander Forming Tenons on the Jointer Plus Four Shop Storage Projects

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