Olduvai Countdown, a compelling medical thriller in the tradition of Michael Crichton, Robin Cook, and Michael Palmer, tells the story of Jack Cann, a world-renown virologist, tired of navigating the arcane politics of a highbrow Ivy League school, who returns to his Midwestern Kansas roots to lead the quiet life of a university professor. His Utopian plan is interrupted when an African village in the Olduvai region of Africa is consumed by death in a few hours. This isolated incident in a remote region devolves into worldwide chaos as death sweeps across Africa like a Serengeti grass fire. Jack and his Asian-American wife, anthropologist Marla Qui, lead a team from the CDC trying desperately to identify the malady-a suspected genetically-mutated virus created by the North Koreans-and find a cure before it decimates the Western Hemisphere. What they discover is more terrifying than any virus: a lethal genetic mutation present since the dawn of evolution that threatens all of civilization and leaves them racing against the clock to save their own lives.

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