He was alone, soaked to the skin and terrified. Choking mist and water hammered down in a never-ending torrent. Above the din of the storm there was a new noise: a distant rumble like thunder in the hills. It grew nearer and nearer. Desperately, he forced himself to turn and face it. Through the gloom came a great wave of green-blue water higher than the tower of the temple. There was nowhere to run. The last thing he saw was the foaming edge of the wave curling over, with huge trees floating on it like leaves. Then it was on him, smashing him against the altar. Noah has been called by the Holy One, called to build an ark to escape the Holy One's judgement on the people of the earth. But Noah is the only person still faithful to the Holy One - who will believe that destruction is coming? They are too busy worshipping their own gods to listen to Noah - the Holy One will stand their fathlessness no longer. The storm is coming...

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