For every Aboriginal child taken away from their family in Australia, there was at least one white family intimately involved in their life. One Bright Spot tells the story of one of these families. Joan Kingsley-Strack, or 'Ming', as her family knew her, was a well-to-do Sydney wife and mother who hired Aboriginal domestic servants in the 20s and 30s. Girls forcibly taken by the state, and put out to work in an attempt to erase the Aboriginal race. But Ming would turn against the system, to join with Aboriginal political activists in calling for Aboriginal citizenship rights and an end to Aboriginal child removal. Many years later, her great-granddaughter stumbled across Ming's papers, lying forgotten and untouched. Reconstructed from these papers in consultation with the Aboriginal women's descendents, Ming's story tells of a remarkable, poignant, and long-silenced history of women's relationships, across insurmountable barriers.

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