One Christmas Night... At the Palazzo... When Giselle Barton arrives in Rome, she's whisked off in a limo to a beautiful palace and greeted by her brother's boss, the magnificent Count Dmitri Scarletti! But when Giselle's brother elopes with the count's sister, Dmitri insists Giselle can't leave till morning... In Snowy London... On Christmas Eve, Melody James leaves hospital to start life anew without her charismatic, powerful husband Zeke. So she is shocked when he sweeps her off to a stunning hotel suite intent on seduction. What will Christmas morning bring Melody? On the Tycoon's Yacht... Dallas oil mogul Nick Rafford had to get his black sheep brother's baby back. Grace, the child's guardian, was not immune to him, yet seduction would only get him so far. Nick had to make the single mum an offer she couldn't refuse...

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