One Night with His Virgin Mistress Tallie has moved to London to pursue her dream, so when she's offered a luxury flat to house-sit, she can't believe her luck. Millionaire Mark Benedict returns home and is shocked - although not altogether displeased - to find Tallie in his shower! He will take Tallie to his bed and turn her from inexperienced his willing mistress! Public Mistress, Private Affair Freya Carpenter is being destroyed and only PR genius Nash Taylor-Grant can give the beautiful actress her life back. When he whisks her away to the idyllic south of France to protect her, Nash breaks his number one rule - never, ever, get intimately involved with a client. So, when the media hunts them down, Nash must face the consequences of making Freya his mistress... Mistress Against Her Will Zane Lorenson doesn't like being deceived. But in this case, he's rather taken with the deceiver! He knows innocent Abigail is in over her head. Seducing his pretty little personal assistant might teach her a lesson! But Gail has adored the dashing billionaire from afar for ages and, when she finds herself trapped, she's helpless to resist...

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