'Hi, the name's Joe Marsh and I am the narrator for this book and it's the twenty-fourth century using the Earth calendar and not the Galactic Year count. I begin the story as a soldier on the Security Team of the Interspace starship, the I.G.S. McBride. This was a supplies grain ship converted for space war. There was a severe shortage of space battle cruisers on Earth. That was because we were losing the space war, right up until two years ago when the Sikaran Empire suddenly broke their treaty with the Gloshan Empire and changed sides. Just in the nick of time for us humans. Siding with us changed the balance of power and now we had half a chance of winning. I used to be an ex-Earth Special Forces soldier, who signed up with a front line starship the McBride, in the thick of all the action against the Gloshans and their allies. I felt that I had to write this to share my experiences of getting to know the group of Sikaran soldiers who joined the starship on their way to the Naiobi colonies.' Joanna Ray has written a space epic saga full of adventure, humour and romance in the 24th century. There is a vast array of alien and human characters alike. Narrated by Joe Marsh, a human security officer aboard the human star ship McBride the story lurches from war, hatred and bitterness between the antagonists to peace at last. Love and romance blossom and flourish on the Naiobi colonies. The Gloshan Empire and its allies led by warlord Shtol are in conflict with Earth, Ringul and Kalesia. The Sikaran Empire has just changed sides and Earth is helped by elite Sikaran soldiers led by Shield Lord Marayshan.

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