"One Team on all Levels" is the story of the Toyota team members written in their own words. All proceeds will be donated to the Toyota benevolent fund which supports team members in times of need. Short description: The international bestseller The Toyota Way explained the company's success by introducing the 14 Toyota Way principles. The book titled Toyota Culture, written by preeminent Toyota authorities Jeffrey Liker and Michael Hoseus revealed how Toyota selects, develops, and motivates its people to become committed to building high-quality products. "One team on all levels" is the Toyota story written by the Toyota team members themselves from the Georgetown, Ky plant. These are inspiring stories of teamwork, struggle, and change. Everyone sharing the burden as we sacrificed for our fellow co workers around the United States to keep all employees working as the automotive landscape changed due to the recession of 2009. All proceeds from the book will be donated to the Toyota...

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