Online Matchmaking examines the joys, fears, and disappointments of hooking up with people in cyberspace. It considers issues such as presentation of self online and how relationships develop on the Internet and progress to offline spaces. The darker aspects of online relating, such as, cyberstalking and cyber-harassment are also examined. Cyberspace is thankfully not a homogenous environment, and this book acknowledges the different groups that exist online, by considering how sub-groups, such as S&M groups, meet others in this space. Unlike most other books that exist in this field, the collection includes studies by experts from a variety of disciplines, including Communications, Cultural studies, English, Health, Journalism, Psychology, Rhetoric, and Sociology. Online Matchmaking could be used as a primary or secondary resource for any subject that focuses on cyber-relationships. It also presents an accessible introduction to the topic for anyone interested in the phenomenon of cyber-romance and sexuality.

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