Achieving operative excellence is an important endeavor for all companies - it is the "holy grail" that leads to increased value over the long term. It's one of the essential strategic differentiation factors that gives answers to company growth, efficiency, cost and profitability issues. By applying operative levers systematically and managing them correctly companies are doing everything in their power to ensure that they follow their selected corporate strategy. It helps them answer a number of critical questions; What value should my company create itself and what should be achieved by external parties? Where are my company's production sites and which key technologies and products take center stage? How and where does my company manage and support innovation? Where is the company's supplier base mainly located and how can the supply chain be steered to achieve maximum effects? Companies that have a functional operative strategy and are prepared to make sometimes difficult changes to improve their business are the best-in-class. This book critically examines their strategies and pinpoints those approaches that will enable you to achieve operations excellence within your own company.

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