An essential reference for optical sensor system designThis is the first text to present an integrated view of the optical and mathematical analysis tools necessary to understand computational optical system design. It presents the foundations of computational optical sensor design with a focus entirely on digital imaging and spectroscopy. It systematically covers:Coded aperture and tomographic imagingSampling and transformations in optical systems, including wavelets and generalized sampling techniques essential to digital system analysisGeometric, wave, and statistical models of optical fieldsThe basic function of modern optical detectors and focal plane arraysPractical strategies for coherence measurement in imaging system designThe sampling theory of digital imaging and spectroscopy for both conventional and emerging compressive and generalized measurement strategiesMeasurement code designLinear and nonlinear signal estimationThe book concludes with a review of numerous design strategies in spectroscopy and imaging and clearly outlines the benefits and limits of each approach, including coded aperture and imaging spectroscopy, resonant and filter-based systems, and integrated design strategies to improve image resolution, depth of field, and field of view.Optical Imaging and Spectroscopy is an indispensable textbook for advanced undergraduate and graduate courses in optical sensor design. In addition to its direct applicability to optical system design, unique perspectives on computational sensor design presented in the text will be of interest for sensor designers in radio and millimeter wave, X-ray, and acoustic systems.

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