Filling the gap for a description of the optical properties of small particles with sizes less than 1000 nm and to provide a comprehensive overview on the spectral behavior of nanoparticulate matter, this is the most up-to-date reference on the optical physics of nanoparticle systems. The author, an expert in the field with both academic and industrial experience, concentrates on the linear optical properties, elastic light scattering and absorption of single nanoparticles and on the reflectance and transmittance of nanoparticle matter.From the contents:Nanoparticle Systems and Experimental Optical ObservablesInteraction of Light with Matter: The Optical Material FunctionFundamentals of Light Scattering by an ObstacleMie’s Theory for Single Spherical ParticlesApplication of Mie’s Theory.Extensions of Mie’s Theory.Limitations of Mei’s Theory: Size and Quantum Size Effects in Very Small NanoparticlesBeyond Mie’s Theory I: Nonspherical ParticlesBeyond Mie’s Theory II: The Generalized Mie TheoryThe Generalized Mie Theory applied to Different SystemsDensely Packed Systems.Nearfield and SERSEffective Medium Theories 

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