In the field of nondifferentiable nonconvex optimization, one of the most intensely investigated areas is that of optimization problems involving multivalued mappings in constraints or as the objective function. This book focuses on the tremendous development in the field that has taken place since the publication of the most recent volumes on the subject. The new topics studied include the formulation of optimality conditions using different kinds of generalized derivatives for set-valued mappings (such as, for example, the coderivative of Mordukhovich), the opening of new applications (e.g., the calibration of water supply systems), or the elaboration of new solution algorithms (e.g., smoothing methods). The book is divided into three parts. The focus in the first part is on bilevel programming. The chapters in the second part contain investigations of mathematical programs with equilibrium constraints. The third part is on multivalued set-valued optimization. The chapters were written by outstanding experts in the areas of bilevel programming, mathematical programs with equilibrium (or complementarity) constraints (MPEC), and set-valued optimization problems.

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