A valuable guide to making better IT decisions within businessOptimizing and Assessing Information Technology is designed to be both easy-to-use and immediately useful. Engaging and accessible, this book has been created to help you focus on improving business project execution through effective IT optimization and assessment. While it skillfully outlines a framework for optimizing and assessing IT, it does not get into specific technologies per se, given the rapid and increasing pace of technical change across the world today. Optimizing and Assessing Information Technology involves a step-by-step process whereby various aspects of IT are evaluated. In addition to the book itself, a companion website offers templates, checklists, and related materials for your reference and use. With this book as your guide, you'll be able to generate an accurate and reliable assessment of a company's IT operations and identify areas on which to focus to optimize IT. Topics such as "against what to assess operations" and "optimized as compared to what" will be addressed throughout the course of this reliable resource.Introduces the concept of the IT Pillars Model (IPM) for optimizing and assessing IT and examines where and how the IPM fits into the overall operations of a businessFilled with the author's experience of working across the field of IT in both small and large companiesOffers the most detailed, hands-on user's guide to the principles and practice of the IPM by examining each aspect of the IPM in the context of case studiesCovers the topic of tools and reporting, including analytical tools such as ROI, benchmarking, and metricsOptimizing and Assessing Information Technology provides valuable insights into this discipline, but the coverage of IT in this book extends beyond technology itself. It also covers various aspects of the people, processes, and technology components associated with IT as a whole.

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