Organic Reaction Mechanisms 2007, the 43rd annual volume in this highly successful and unique series, surveys research on organic reaction mechanisms described in the available literature dated 2007. The following classes of organic reaction mechanisms are comprehensively reviewed: Reaction of Aldehydes and Ketones and their DerivativesReactions of Carboxylic, Phosphoric, and Sulfonic Acids and their DerivativesOxidation and ReductionCarbenes and NitrenesNucleophilic Aromatic SubstitutionElectrophilic Aromatic SubstitutionCarbocationsNucleophilic Aliphatic SubstitutionCarbanions and Electrophilic Aliphatic SubstitutionElimination ReactionsPolar Addition ReactionsCycloaddition ReactionsMolecular RearrangementsAn experienced team of authors compile these reviews every year, so that the reader can rely on a continuing quality of selection and presentation.

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