Organization and systems are real, complex entities but the science of designing them should be simple. This book explores the process of organization and systems design by redefining and extending formalism capable of representing both purposeful structure and operational needs. The author argues that designers should not create a 'single point of complete failure' based on rational design. Reliance on planned action to produce the desired future often disappoints. Instead, the author proposes design based on the notion of deferred action which synthesises Cartesian rationality with naturalness of social action. This leads to cohered rational design of organisation and systems capable of being placed in actuality. This book will appeal to anyone interested in explaining or practicing organization and systems design. Researchers will glean radically different epistemological and ontological perspectives. Designers will acquire entirely different intellectual tools, principles and mechanisms of design. Managers will be inspired to think of organization and systems differently and adapt their management approach.

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