OPSA volumes will be conceived in the line of the successful earlier series 'Organizations and Strategies in Astronomy (OSA)' , covering a large range of themes tackled in the spirit of sharing experience and lessons learned. In practice, all aspects of astronomy-related life and environment will be considered, dealing with socio-dynamical aspects of the astronomy (and related space sciences) community: characteristics of organizations, strategies for development, operational techniques, observing practicalities, journal and magazine profiles, public outreach, publication studies, relationships with the media, research communication, series of conferences, evaluation and selection procedures, research indicators, national specificities, contemporary history, and so on.The experts contributing to this volume will be requested to do their best to write in a way understandable to readers not necessarily hyperspecialized in astronomy while providing specific detailed information and sometimes enlightening 'lessons learned' sections. They will be requested to provide full bibliographical references relevant to their expertise and their interactions of the astronomy community with the society at large.The intended readership will include researchers, teachers, editors, publishers, librarians, sociologists of science, research planners and strategists, project managers, public-relations officers, plus those in charge of astronomy-related organizations, as well as by students aiming at a career in astronomy or related space science.

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