Origin of Haloes is the story of two families connected by an illicit affair and a lie that has dire consequences. When aspiring gymnast Kay Clancy finds herself pregnant at sixteen, she marries her high school sweetheart, Joe LeBlanc, admitting to him he's not the baby's father, but lying about who is. Years later, when Joe vanishes, Kay fears he has discovered the truth about her past, and worse-that it's linked to a death she could have prevented. In a tangle of guilt and deceit, Kay pushes on without Joe, but remains haunted by his image. Born weeks after Joe's disappearance, the couple's third child, Margar, grows into a mischievous girl determined to find her father. Time and again Margar's search for Joe takes her across town, to a once-pristine house whose grounds have grown wild as a jungle. High school gymnastics coach Russell Halliwell lives there with his manic but fragile wife, Marie, and their son, Eddie, a troubled boy who hears and sees more than children should and whose secret, disturbing actions will reverberate well into his adulthood.

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