Others, Lord, yes Others, let this my motto be, help me live for Others, that I may live like Thee. Herb Dettmer was named after Staff Sergeant Herbert D. Fish, US Army, a close family friend. But the younger Herbert inherited more than just a name from the World War II hero. When Herbert Fish's mother was nearing her death, she gave the author a notebook and the Bible that his namesake had carried with him in combat. This notebook contained poems, prayers, and brief sketches in which the elder Herbert captured his faith, his heroism, and his wisdom. Others is a collection of poems, prayers, and verses that began with that notebook. In it, Herb Dettmer shows all readers the value of serving others and of relying upon others for strength and understanding. From time-honored Bible verses to personal poems and sketches, the collection spans a variety of topics, from patriotism, to what it means to be a man, to the importance of honoring past heroes. This collection will inspire...

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