Imagine ending poverty at home and around the globe in our own lifetimes. Imagine your actions combining with others’ actions to make poverty history. With originality and imagination this book invites us to look at our very ordinary days, from waking up in the morning to going to bed in the evening, and to begin to think about poverty in new and creative ways. Our Day to End Poverty seeks to encourage readers that there is something that each one of us can do, using our ordinary skills and resources, to help end poverty. The book’s challenges each of us with an immense diversity of actions that we can take to really help eradicate poverty. It connects with your day, from breakfast to bedtime. Each of the short twenty-four chapters falls within one of three sections: Morning, Afternoon, and Evening. Each section has eight chapters relating to common daily routines. Think of them as pages from your daily organizer. Whether it’s planning for lunch or reading before bed, you may...

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