Do you roam the road making a living, or are you enjoying the nomadic life of a retiree with a motor home? Either way, life goes on no matter where you're hanging your hat tonight. Bills still need to be paid, grandchildren grow up way too fast, and you've gotten pretty dependent on your e-mail. How do you stay connected to the rest of the world while you're on the road?For a growing number of over-the-road drivers, business travelers, and RV enthusiasts, the answer is a wireless Internet connection. With a laptop and wireless access, you canPay bills, check accounts, and handle banking onlineSend and receive e-mailSurf the WebAccess your home PCMake inexpensive phone calls with VoIPWatch TV, download movies, and listen to satellite radio"So," you say, "I see people in movies popping open their laptops and getting online wherever they happen to be. It looks awfully easywhy do I need a book?" Well, lots of things are easy once you know how. Over-the-Road Wireless For Dummies tells you how in plain English, so you can take advantage of all those cool opportunities safely and easily. You'll discover how toChoose the best Wi-Fi access service for your needs and locate hotspotsAssess cellular data services and satellite access to make informed choices about serviceAdapt your laptop or PDA for wireless, set up an external antenna, and install an external amplifierUse your cell phone as a modemIdentify security threats, protect your data with strong passwords and encryption, and set up a personal firewallInstall and use Skype and make phone calls with your laptopMake your truck or RV your office with online freight-finding services, a GPS receiver, a travel printer, and software to keep logs and expense recordsAccess streaming TV and radio on the roadWith Over-the-Road Wireless For Dummies to help, you can send online birthday cards, watch video of the grandchildren, do your banking, pay bills, keep records, connect to your home PC, and even file your taxes, no matter how far away you roam!

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