Called 'a magical first novel' by the New York Times, and hailed by the New Yorker as 'dazzling little gem', this highly unusual story is based on a Balinese epic poem. Over the years it has earned a place on the short list of must-read novels on Bali. Brothers Siladri and Made Kerti marry sisters Kadek and Rajin. Each couple has had a baby when Siladri abruptly decides to leave worldly concerns behind to join a holy man on a distant mountain. Reluctantly, Kadek agrees to go, too, leaving their son behind to one day help with the family farm and taking their infant niece with them. Magic and witchcraft enchant the telling of this spellbinding tale. Darling has lived in Bali for many years, and her rich novelization of this folklore attests to her affinity for the culture.

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