The study of palaeoweathering provides vital clues about past continental environments, the correlation of sedimentary deposits and processes such as the rate and timing of uplift and erosion. This volume (based partly on research presented at IGCP 317 Palaeoweathering Records and Palaeosurfaces) contains contributions that use both geochemical and physical approaches to the study of palaeoweathering problems. The former are particularly relevant to our understanding of past climates and climate change; the latter have applications in the understanding of mass balance between rates of erosion and deposition. Palaeoweathering, Palaeosurfaces and Related Continental Deposits illustrates the multidisciplinary nature of the subject, the diversity of techniques and, above all, the vital contribution the subject makes to the reconstruction of ancient continental environments. This book will be of great value to sedimentologists, soil scientists and geomorphologists. If you are a member of the International Association of Sedimentologists, for purchasing details, please see:

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