This volume provides a state of the art review of the major theoretical approaches and substantive debates in the study of international environmental politics. It introduces IR scholars, graduate students and advanced undergraduates to the study of international environmental politics. The chapters in PART ONE: THE CONTEXT OF THE STUDY OF INTERNATIONAL ENVIRONMENTAL POLITICS place the later chapters in theoretical and historical context. They review the historical development of international environmental politics as well as the theoretical and methodological approaches used in this study. PART TWO: THE FORCES THAT SHAPE INTERNATIONAL ENVIRONMENTAL POLITICS introduces a variety of actors, institutions, and structures that have influenced international environmental politics. Each chapter provides an overview of how a particular topic has risen to prominence, discusses the major theoretical view of that topic, and indentifies lines of future research. In addition, each chapter includes original arguments and evidence in a case study. A similar frames is used in PART THREE; NORMATIVE FRAMEWORKS FOR EVALUATING INTERNATIONAL ENVIRONMENTAL POLITICS. The chapters in this final section discuss the most important standards that have been proposed for evaluating the quality and outcomes of international environmental politics: sustantability, effectiveness, and justice.

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