World War II was a total war, which involved most countries of the world, and for the major participants, had enormous military, economic, social and political consequences. It was fought on land in Europe, Asia and Africa and at sea in all the oceans of the world, and was the first war where air power played a crucial part. In The Palgrave Concise Atlas of World War II, Martin Folly has created 50 original detailed two-colour maps that, together with each concise facing-page of explanatory text, present an easy to understand overview of the build-up, key military campaigns and social and political outcomes of World War II, and includes key events such as:* The Road to War in Europe and Asia* The Battle of Britain* Europe Under the Nazis and The 'Final Solution'* The USA in the War* The British, German and Japanese Home Fronts* The Post-War Settlement and Legacy of War in Europe and Asia

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