This fourth edition of the Dictionary of Women's Biography includes women who have hit the headlines in the five years since the last edition - including Condoleezza Rice, Nigella Lawson, Paula Radcliffe, Brenda Hale and Tracey Emin. Some notable omissions have been corrected. Yoko Ono, for example, used to be vilified as the woman who broke up the Beatles, but has now comprehensively proved herself to be what she has always been - a conceptual artist in her own right. Historical coverage has been broadened in response to new research, and our commitment to campaigning women worldwide is as strong as in the previous edition. We have pleasure in including activists from Afghanistan, Africa, Australia, India, Mexico, the UK and the US, including, for example, eminent Indian environmentalist Vandana Shiva and grass-roots activists such as Eileen Wani Wingfield and Eileen Kampakuta Brown, award-winning Australian septuagenarians who oppose nuclear testing and nuclear-waste dumping on their ancestral lands.

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