Wife: Bought and Paid For by Jacqueline Baird Powerful Solo Maffeiano owns half of Penny's family home, yet she has no other assets and debts to pay. She has no choice but to agree to Solo's offer: he will pay the creditors and restore the house - if Penny becomes his wife. And he wants a wife in every sense of the word! His Convenient Marriage by Sara Craven When Miles Hunter proposed marriage to Chessie, she knew it couldn't be because he loved her. He simply needed a social hostess and someone to look after his home. Chessie owed Miles: he'd rescued her from financial scandal. But was he now expecting her to repay his bed ? A Convenient Wife by Sara Wood Millionaire Blake Bellamie's just discovered he's not the legitimate heir to the estate of Cranford. Nicole Vaseux is. The attraction between the pair is instant, powerful. But when Nicole accepts Blake's whirlwind marriage proposal, she wonders if she has just agreed to become a convenient wife...

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