This wide-ranging, comprehensive reference presents the latest developments in aerosol science and interactions between particles and the respiratory tract-utilizing an inter-disciplinary approach that integrates advances in physics, chemistry, and engineering with the epidemiological and biomedical sciences, and focusing on the dynamics of particle deposition, retention, and clearance. Containing the work of more than 40 internationally recognized experts, Particle-Lung Interactionscovers therapeutic and diagnostic aspects of particle inhalation surveys particles ranging in size from 0.01-10 microns interacting with pulmonary cells analyzes stereological estimation of particle retention reveals the sentinel of the pulmonary surveillance system highlights the correlation between particulate air pollution and cardiovascular mortality describes airborne irritants that activate neural reflexes investigates particulate matter in clearance kinetics and inflammatory responses in the lungs explores particle-surfactant interaction, keying on fine ambient particles at air-liquid interfaces and more! Abundantly referenced with over 2700 bibliographic citations, Particle-Lung Interactions is an indispensable resource for pulmonologists, physiologists, clinical immunologists, allergists, toxicologists, pediatricians and general practitioners, pharmacists, biochemists, surface physicists, and upper-level undergraduate, graduate, and medical school students in these disciplines.

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