Mesothelioma is a global problem, largely related to the previous use of asbestos products. Diagnosis is very difficult because of its diverse appearances and the potential for other diseases to mimic it. Written by experienced international experts to aid in pathological diagnosis, this book deals with clinical, radiological, epidemiological, molecular, and histopathological aspects of the disease. Tumors of the pleural, pericardial, peritoneal cavities as well as the ovary and tunica vaginalis are considered. Differential diagnoses of serosal-based lesions are discussed and the use of immunohistochemical stains is explained. Plentiful illustrations give further aid to diagnosis. An essential read for all diagnostic pathologists as well as general pathologists, who are sometimes required to diagnose the disease at biopsy or post mortem; also invaluable to medical and legal professions involved with various aspects of the disease.

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