This manual provides the information and materials needed to conduct an eight-session patient education programme for people with Parkinsons disease and their carers, complementing medical treatment. This programme was developed within an interdisciplinary European consortium, comprising research and clinical centres in Germany, Spain, Finland, Italy, The Netherlands, Estonia and the United Kingdom.In addition to dealing with the motor symptoms of Parkinsons disease, many people also struggle with the psychological and social effects. In fact, people at every stage of the disease can be faced with problems such as depression, anxiety, stressful social interactions, and difficulties communicating, all of which can disrupt their lives. This programme draws upon basic psychological principles and presents specific strategies that people can use to manage these difficulties. The ultimate goal of the programme is to empower people with Parkinsons disease and their carers to improve their own quality of life. Although the programme is standardised, flexibility is built into the programme to facilitate its use in different cultures, and with different types of patient and carer groups.Patient Education for People with Parkinsons Disease and Their Carers: A Manaual is essential reading for all health care professionals and trained volunteers working with people with Parkinsons disease and their carers.

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